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A Great Place To Be


“The Regency has had a good reputation for many years and I’ve wanted to live here for a long time. I got to where I was lonely living at home. One day I called my kids and told them to come home and take what they wanted as I was selling the house. They did and I sold my house in 3 days! No more cooking, housework or responsibilities! I’ve made some good friends, everyone is accommodating, and there are many activities to keep me busy. This has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

– Pat Stroud

“I’ve been a missionary for over 70 years and was in Japan for 34 doing missionary work. I have lived in a lot of places and Regency by far is the Cadillac of them all. The staff is excellent with the best care; you can have transportation to any place you want to go for free two days a week locally or the VIP staff can take you. The food is great with a salad bar and ice cream machine. We have that safe feel with cameras in the hallways. Regency has spoiled me. I compare Regency to living at home and with all the extra to keep a home up. I save more money living at Regency. If I could sum Regency up in one word I would say “Heavenly.

– Don Heiss

Beautiful communities and a great caring staff highly recommend.

– Eddie Moses

My mom has been a resident there for many years and I’m so happy that she is extremely happy there and calls it home.

– Carleen Otto

I’m extremely grateful to all the staff. My grandfather has been a resident for 5+ years and has had wonderful care. Anyone who is looking for a retirement community should look no further, the Regency is the best.

– Devin Barrett

My grandfather lived at Regency in assisted living and he absolutely loved it! The building is beautiful and the activities program was exactly what grand dad needed. When he lived at home alone he ate poorly and rarely got out. He said that everyone else had their spouse and that he felt out of place going to eat with couples. But, after moving to Regency and making new friends that were single his whole life changed. He played cards, bingo and went out to eat on Fridays. It was a blessing to our whole family.


The staff of Regency Retirement Village was very nice. Everybody welcomed me and answered everything for me. The communities were great. I especially liked the fact that if their conditions worsened, they do not have to go to another home. They had everything at Regency. They were eating when I got there; the food looked great and everybody seemed to enjoy it. I just talked to one lady when I was in the elevator and asked her if she liked it there, and she said she wished she had moved in a couple of years before she did. So she was very happy with it. I know they have a lot of activities and a great variety of food. They also have a coffee house open 24/7, so if they want coffee at night they can go in there and get it. They always have a lot of staff people to help them out whenever they go anywhere or do anything. They also have Bible studies and prayer meetings. It was just like a little city in there.

– Sherri