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The Best Morristown Memory Care Services

Our Morristown Memory Care Services

Living with memory-related disorders or caring for a loved one with dementia can be a very difficult thing, but you don’t have to handle it alone. Our Morristown memory care services at Regency offer residents specialty care for all types of dementia, including Alzheimer’s, with the most stringent Assisted Living licenses available in the southeast.

At Regency Morristown, our compassionate staff helps provide memory care residents with the tools they need to manage the symptoms of memory loss by providing everyday structure to reduce stress, and helping with personal care tasks, meals, and meds. Our team is especially trained to deal with the unique symptoms that accompany dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, drawing from special techniques and the latest technologies to help preserve memory skills through intentional activities.

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Why Memory Care With Regency
Retirement Village of Morristown?


Pathways Intentional Memory Care is our program at Regency through which create a positive environment and community for memory care residents. Drawing on non-drug therapies such as pet and music therapy, as well as iN2L– an engagement technology that incorporates user-friendly software and interactive games, we work to help preserve memory skills through intentional activities. Though there is no current cure for dementia or Alzheimer’s, we can manage the symptoms through these techniques and create a happy, comfortable, and safe environment for our residents in the process.


Keeping active brings joy and excitement into the lives of our residents, and that’s why designing programs to encourage this kind of lifestyle is important to us. Memory Care programs are intentionally crafted to encourage new, happy memories, as well as movement. Our residents are full of life, and we seek to celebrate that with them everyday.


An integral part of our Memory Care program, iN2L Person-Centered Engagement Technology applies easy-to-use, stimulating software for recreation, social connection, and memory engagement for our residents who benefit from it. Interactive games and Google Earth-guided tours of their childhood homes create an expanded world from the comfort of their own neighborhoods. iN2L also seeks to foster more interactive communication with family, friends, and caregivers. Together we can develop a personalized account for your loved one, filled with their favorite activities to bolster their memory care success.


Pet Therapy is another promising facet of our memory care program, and serves to benefit the residents battling the effects of memory loss in many ways. Interacting with trained companion animals helps memory care patients develop meaningful connections. The act of caring for and nurturing a pet draws to the surface rich memories, while also helping to reduce anxiety and depression. This simple exchange of love and care often works to calm our residents by creating enjoyable distractions teeming with cuddles.


Regency takes pride in our Music Therapy programs, yet another helpful facet of our memory care efforts. Music therapy can stimulate memories through the use of songs residents recognize and enjoy. The results are truly inspiring! Like the flip of a switch, the use of music has an instantaneous impact on activating the cognitive process. We find that music therapy often results in dancing, smiles, happiness, and the kind of life enrichment our loved ones deserve. Also, the benefits are undeniable.

Quality Memory Care results in fewer hospital visits,
improved appetite, and an overall higher quality of life.

What Makes Regency
So Special?


We want our residents to feel encouraged and supported always, so we strive to provide continuous, individualized support as they navigate their days here within our community. We offer Memory Care services with the most Specialty Care Assisted Living licenses available in the southeast for individuals with all types of dementia, including Alzheimer’s, and we create a tailored approach with which to address the unique needs of each individual in our care. Every resident is different, and we believe that each of them deserves a custom approach.


At Regency, our neighborhoods bring forth feelings of home, safety, cleanliness, and comfort, and we understand how that positively impacts our residents, specifically those in memory care. Consistency, kindness, and reassurance are pivitol to the success of memory care treatments, and that is what you and your loved one can rely on here At Regency. We know that the little things can sometimes make the biggest difference.


The safety of our residents is critically important to our team at Regency. As such, medication reminders administered by nurses and trained caregivers keep your loved ones healthy and reduce the risk of negative drug interactions. Also, chronic conditions such as diabetes or Parkinson’s are monitored and factored into personalized nutritional and exercise programs. Our safety-optimized environment provides an ideal solution for those with mobility issues, as well. We work to ensure that each resident’s needs are fully met, and that Regency feels like home.


Our Christian values infiltrate everything we do here at Regency. Love, service, patience, and respect for others are core pieces of our mission as caregivers and as human beings. Our facility aims to provide compassionate care for mind, body, and soul, because we know this to be our greatest purpose in Christ. In short, our faith has helped us create an atmosphere of love at Regency Morristown, and we seek to share that with you.


Being a smaller provider of senior care allows us to offer what so many others cannot– personalized care. We’re proud to be fully-invested community members, offering our residents an authentic experience and always remaining true to our word.

Assisted Living


Dining matters at Regency. We know that great meals are important for many reasons, nutritional and otherwise. That’s why we ensure that our residents can enjoy three, tasty and well-balanced meals each day in our dining room. Every meal is made with fresh ingredients from scratch daily by our culinary team, and residents are able to choose from a variety of dining options at each meal time.

Good food gives our bodies energy and can help control weight, but eating well may also help prevent diseases such as osteoporosis, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and even certain cancers. We also believe that mealtime is meant to be enjoyable, and we make that a priority at Regency.


We intentionally seek out opportunities to get to know our residents on a personal level, making meaningful connections. This is an important part of providing them the best care we can. We take time to find out about their favorite things, their families, and their lives, and we use personal items and mementos of the past to decorate their living spaces to encourage meaningful memories stimulation.


» 24/7 licensed nursing staff
» Secure entry
» 24-hour emergency response system
» Daily events & activities
» Medication administration
» Assistance with daily living tasks & activities
» Full continuum of care
» Transportation to events & appointments
» Secure courtyard
» Delicious, chef-prepared meals

Family & Community


Welcoming our residents’ family members into our Regency Morristown community as much as possible is an important aspect of our monthly event calendar, dietary program, and all major holidays.


In general, visiting hours are unlimited, and the front lobby is open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Guests visiting after hours can ring the front doorbell to obtain entrance into the community.

Monthly Newsletters

Communication is critical, and sharing what we’ve been up to and our upcoming events is a major priority, and important to ensure our residents and families have every opportunity to participate! As such, we create a newsletter each month with a print edition featuring some classic word games and community news for our residents, as well as a digital newsletter which is sent to family via email.

A Message from Our COO, 

Jeff Clay

Start a New Chapter With Us

When your memory loss (or the memory issues of a loved one) begins to adversely interfere with your everyday life, it may be time to consider life at a memory care community. Our community offers intensive, specialized care for seniors dealing with memory loss, and we are proud to offer the highest quality services in this realm of care.

Start your next chapter at Regency Morristown. We’d love to show you the profound impact intentional memory care can have, while supporting your family however we can at our incredible community.