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Mrs. Clara moved into the Regency of Morristown in July of 2023. Clara had a wonderful life with her husband, William P. Osborne, and they had four children together. With a daughter and three sons, Mrs. Clara now has 12 grandchildren that she dearly loves. While Mr. Osborne was a teacher at Morristown College, Clara worked in activities and transportation in this very building, though it was called The Grand Court at the time. Clara then went on to be a Social Services Director where many people loved her dearly for the services she has provided to the community. Mrs. Clara loves music. She used to love playing the piano and now she mostly enjoys listening to music. She was an avid bowler and still loves to read. Before moving to Regency, Mrs. Clara was a Sunday School teacher and was very active in the Senior Citizen Center. Mrs Clara, thank you for calling Regency home! Her sweet smile and quiet laugh makes everyone feel right at home around her.