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Intergenerational Living Communities

Intergenerational living is when different generations live together under the same roof. At Regency Morristown we do this by having our daycare and senior living residents make intergenerational living communities! Lately intergenerational living has become popular as we look for ways to support and care for each other and create a sense of community and connection.

What Are the Benefits of Intergenerational Living Communities?

Intergenerational Living Communities
Improved physical and mental health:

Intergenerational living can be especially beneficial for anyone who may feel lonely or isolated. Having the daycare children around can provide social interaction and support, in addition to the socialization you can receive from other residents and staff.


Intergenerational Living CommunitiesCaregiving opportunities:

Intergenerational living communities can provide an opportunity for residents to care for young individuals, which can help give you a reason to stay active and a wholesome sense of purpose! Intergenerational living provides a sense of community and support.


Intergenerational Living CommunitiesCultural exchange and learning opportunities:

Different generations can learn so much from each other with intergenerational living by sharing traditions and knowledge from their separate lives! This is especially enriching for the daycare children, who can learn from your experiences and wisdom.


Visit Our Regency Morristown Intergenerational Living Communities

Both generations in our intergenerational living communities benefit from each other.

The daycare children and the residents expand their horizons, challenge themselves, and establish meaningful relationships. Both always have something to gain, whether it’s cultural enrichment or deeper social bonds that come with mutual learning and support.

Come and visit to see the magic for yourself!