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We want to recognize our parson here at Regency Retirement Village. He is doing a great service to our community. God has brought Pastor Mills out and he is a shining example of what God can do.

He has started facilitating fellowship services here and the crowd has grown. The spirit of God comes down and blesses each of us in some way. The relationships he makes are outstanding. When you talk to him, he has concern and compassion in his voice. We would also like to recognize the pastor of the Regency Community Church, Tyler Bryant. He serves the lord here every Sunday to the congregation, uplifting the name of Jesus. Residents, if you can, please visit the church service. It’s every Sunday at 1:00 pm in
the parlor.

Fred Lehrer is another dear saint of God. He has pastored the community church here for years. He gets together with some of his colleagues and they pray for our staff here at Regency. I appreciate his talks with me and the wisdom that he shares. Let’s support these three men of God. Lean on God and keep looking for him.