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Show and Tell

The residents dug in their closets and drawers to find things of interest to them like photos, old pics, old antiques,
etc. Then they come to the parlor and one at a time share their special item. It’s really interesting to hear all the
stories that go along with their item.

Carnival Themed Meal

We have a meal of the month for every month of our calendar year. All of them are different themes. We serve food that matches the theme. This month we are pleased to announce our carnival meal. There will be carousel music, carnival decorations, and food that tempts everyone’s taste buds. Step right up!

Birthday Party

Every month we throw a Birthday Party for our residents to recognize each of their special days. We do the monthly Birthday shout-out of all the Birthdays. We sing to them, and then we serve cake, ice cream or dip and chips. We start the party music and then we’re off! It’s an hour of fun and socializing.

Peach Cobbler Day

This is a favorite to most of the residents here at Regency. We make homemade cobbler batter, and throw in the fruit of choice, which this particular day is peach. We also throw a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top while it’s still hot. We usually do this activity in our coffee shop. It gets a little crowded at times, we may have to knock out a wall soon!

Bake Sale

We are going to be having a bake sale April 5th. All of our items are going to cost a dollar each. There will be cakes, pies, candy and homemade banana pudding. The proceeds will go towards bus trips the residents want to take. Stop by and see us for these amazing treats!

Spring Clean with Mark Greene

This a new activity to help the residents to clean out the clutter. They can look on our calendar, check for the date, and fill out a spring clean work order. Then Mark will go to those rooms that have signed up and help with small tasks, such as cleaning out closets, organizing items, help with bathrooms and kitchens.

Eating Out

Every Friday the residents try different food establishments. This activity is first come first serve, so be sure to check the Signup Sheet outside of the coffee shop in the sitting area.