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We have been eating out every Friday at various eateries our residents have selected, including Taste of Dandridge, Hale Springs Inn in Rogersville, Asian Express in Morristown, and the Green Tomato restaurant.

We went to the Knoxville Museum of Art, which was great! Some of the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra played while we looked at all the art on display.

We have made great strides with the quilting class. Rocky has been working on it with the painting class.

We had a Columbus Day special, National Dessert Day, Caramel Day, Halloween crafts, BINGO games, Apple Day, and Chocolate Cupcake Day.

We have been hosting a family BINGO night and a family movie night. We want our residents’ families to be treated like part of our family as well. We have “Happy Hour” every Friday, where we serve different flavored milk shakes, etc. We have been having a wonderful time at the movie theater. You actually feel like you are at the movies! The sound is so moving and clear. If any family members can come, we would love to have you. The movies start at 6 p.m. on Thursday nights.