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Hello, everyone. We have had more fun this month since we have had more group activities, and are opening up a little more every week. We recently celebrated Yogurt Day, and read fun facts about yogurt, passing out different flavors to the residents. We also celebrated Yogurt Day on the memory unit. We let the residents eat it, and they were ready for seconds. We had blueberry, strawberry, peach, and a mixture of banana and strawberry. We also celebrated Chocolate Day. We read fun facts about chocolate, and we prepared goody bags filled with chocolate candy to pass out to the residents. On the memory unit we had Chocolate Day with homemade chocolate pies. They ate those pies up.

We have been playing BINGO in groups in our main dining area with social distancing. We have also been doing craft classes, and we made small flower arrangements for Valentine’s Day. They turned out beautiful. We had our Valentine’s Day parties as well. We enjoyed yummy cupcakes from the bakery, with chips, dip, and drinks. We even had door prizes to give away. It was good to see all those wonderful faces out of their rooms. We said goodbye to our Executive Director, Trudy Darnell. We had parties on Monday and Tuesday for her from the staff and the residents. We also celebrated Fried Bologna Day, Amish Jelly Day with hot, flaky biscuits, and we had a Mardi Gras Celebration. Last month we also wore red to celebrate the American Heart Association, and held our first resident council meeting. We didn’t have all the members show up, but we held another meeting on February 17th to introduce everyone to their new Executive Director.