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You Are Never Alone

This is not just about one person in our community, but most. A solitary tree standing in the middle of a field may seem deserted by all else. In fact, it is not. The warmth of the sun kisses that tree. The gentle breeze caresses it. The fellowship of birds on the wing gladden it. And a small underground universe of lively creatures stimulates it.

At some time in your life, you experience loneliness. Loneliness is natural and should be appreciated and not feared. In seasons of loneliness, you discover that you are never truly alone, no more so than the solitary tree. People you barely notice during times of social prosperity surround you and can become valuable friends.

But the greatest discovery is that God is constantly with you, warming you with his love, and you can learn to hope in him. We all seek love and friendship and it’s our job to make those friendships happen. No one is better than the other. People are people and we need to respect each other. Love you, residents. I hope you get something out of that. You have been like my family during my time here.