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February– Resident Spotlight

Judith has been living with us since October 2020. Originally from Kentucky, Judith is a friendly woman with a caring heart and the gift of listening to others. She is a devout Christian who is college-educated and has worked several jobs in her life. Switching between several professions led her down an exciting and rewarding career path. She was a seamstress, piano teacher, stenographer, insurance salesperson, and a recreation worker for the Red Cross Military Hospital.

Judith loves her family, and her daughter, Susan, is just as wonderful of a person. Judith has three granddaughters. She sewed dresses for each of them and has a picture of one wearing her creation; she looks like a beautiful doll. Judith also plays the piano and sings. She likes to read fictional books, listen to gospel music, play games, watch the Hallmark Channel, crochet, write poems, and love on dogs and cats. Welcome to our community, Judith Brant.