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January- Resident Spotlight

Mildred was born in Hawkins County TN on August 1st, 1944. She went to Western North Carolina College to become a teacher. She taught in the Hawkins County School System for years and eventually became the principal. She is of the Methodist faith. Mildred adores her family and has two sons whom she loves very much. One of her sons lives in Houston, Texas. Her other son Mark, lives in Morristown, and is married, and has a son named Ronan, who is the light of Mildred’s life. She enjoys spending time with him every chance she gets.

Mildred moved into Regency in 2016 and she said she really loves it here. Mildred misses her husband. He was diagnosed with cancer and is now deceased. She speaks of him often and loves to talk about their life together and all the good times they shared. Mildred has a lot of interests. She loves to paint, and some of her best paintings are of a Methodist church she attended as a child with her parents, some old cabin buildings, and property she still owns. She talked about taking her sons camping there, and what good times they had. Mildred loves to make friends, and she seems to have quite a few at Regency Retirement Village. It’s not hard to see that she makes it easy to be her friend because of her outgoing personality.