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December – Resident Spotlight

Judy Bayer was born on May 23rd, 1942 in Manhattan, New York. She went to college and worked in Education, where she became an Administrator. Judy is of the Catholic faith. Judy loves sports, especially watching her grandchildren play in them. She enjoys listening to a variety of music, and even dabbles a little herself on the piano. Judy loves crafting and enjoys watching classic movies on the Turner Broadcasting network. Judy loved growing vegetables in her garden and she also holds a special joy for flowers. Judy likes dogs and cats and wishes she still had her little dog. She also loves to go on cruises! She and her husband traveled to many other countries on their cruises. Judy has always been fascinated by other cultures. Judy lived in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Florida before she came to live here. Judy has lived here for almost two years!

We would like to say that we are proud to have Judy as a member of our Regency community. Thank you, Judy, for taking the time to share your story with others. Everyone here at Regency has made an impact, and we take great pride in sharing the lives of our community members through our resident spotlights.