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Soldier playing taps in a cemetery

Hello to all Regency family and friends!

This is Mark Greene, the new Activities Director here at Regency Retirement Village of Morristown. I just started here on November 9th, and have had a good reception from the residents and staff thus far.

I want to bring love, joy, and fun to the lives of our residents. It can be trying to make that happen when we have to stay quarantined in our rooms. Nevertheless, I try to come up with activities that will engage our resident’s minds. I know we all hope we won’t have too much more of this, but until then we must pray and stay the course so that when this is over, we still have our loved ones.

From what I have witnessed, we can all rest assured that our Executive Director Trudy Darnell is doing all she can to keep your loved ones safe. Our staff and residents are all following state and industry safety guidelines for the health and wellbeing of all our community members.

We celebrated Veterans Day with a drive-thru offering free meals to all veterans on Tuesday, November 10th. On Wednesday, November 11th we enjoyed a Veterans Day program; our own David Rutherford spoke to our Regency Veterans via the overhead. We listened to the Star-Spangled Banner, spoke the ‘Pledge of Allegiance,’ played taps for the fallen, and served refreshments from door to door. We also passed out special gifts for the Veterans within our community.

We also celebrated Native American Heritage Day on November 27th. We enjoyed looking at relics, eating stew and fried bread, and watching a one-man Powwow show!

Thank you for allowing us to take care of your loved ones.

-Mark Greene, Activity Director