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This position is responsible for supervising and performing the daily services provided to the residents of the licensed Assisted Living program at Regency Retirement Village.

Responsibilities include:
Appropriate resident assistance with activities of daily living in accordance with Tennessee rules and regulations for licensed assisted living communities

Nature and Qualifications

This position reports to the Assisted Living Service Coordinator or the Director and will work as part of the Assisted Living service team to implement the ongoing health and service programs.

This position requires minimum qualifications as follows:

  • A current TN L.P.N. License
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Ability to read, understand, communicate and write English
  • Ability to lift, walk, climb stairs, and other physical demands as may be required depending upon residents’ needs
Organizational Responsibilities
  • Provides information to the Assisted Living Director, the Nursing Services Director, and the other team members on a regular basis.
  • Ensures that residents and families are always treated with dignity and respect.
  • Supports the SERVICE EXCELLENCE attitude of Regency Retirement and serves as a resource to the community for positive retirement housing and health care alternatives.
Responsibilities and Technical Duties

Resident Care Functions:

  • Admit, transfer and discharge residents as necessary; inform staff of new admissions/changes; communicate to residents and families as necessary
  • Visit daily with residents to observe and evaluate their physical and emotional status; monitor health-related treatment to ensure residents are receiving proper care and service
  • Notify physicians of resident accidents, incidents, and changes in condition
  • Schedule and assist with daily resident care such as bathing, dressing, serving of meals and assistance with medications
  • Call, receive and transcribe physician’s orders for residents as necessary
  • Obtain and record admission and monthly weights on residents; report results to supervisor

Medication Assistance Functions:

  • Prepare and administer or assist with medications and medical treatments ordered by the resident’s physician; verify resident identity to ensure prescribed medications are taken by the resident; notify the supervisor of all medication discrepancies; order prescribed medications as necessary; and ensure that adequate levels of medications, supplies and appropriate service equipment are available at all times, reporting needs to ALF Director
  • Observe and document medications that are administered. Maintain appropriate control and security of medication delivery equipment and storage areas
  • Monitor vital signs on a routine basis for residents receiving hypertensive medications

Service Program Functions:

  • See that residents receive assistance with activities of daily living including medication assistance, bathing, dressing, ambulation, dining, and other personal care needs
  • Supervise staff to carry out assessment needs and care plans

Resident’s Rights Functions:

  • Maintain resident confidentiality and privacy
  • Treat residents with kindness, respect, and dignity. Know and comply with Resident’s Rights rules; review and promptly report to Assisted Living Director all resident complaints and grievances
Other Job Functions

Staff Development Functions:

  • Participate in in-service training classes as offered
  • Provide leadership and direction concerning essential principles for Assisted Living staff; maintain professional competence, as well as current licenses, through participation in continuing education and training programs

All Other Assigned Duties
I understand this job description and its requirements; I understand that this is not an exclusive list of the job functions and that I am expected to complete all duties as assigned; I understand the job functions may be altered by management without notice and that I am an at-will employee

Applicants need to apply to Trudy Darnell via email at [email protected]