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We all experience such busy lives these days, racing around to get everything done. Our private time is typically just that: Our own, to be spent getting chores done or recharging with our choice of leisure activities. Given this fact, it’s extraordinary that some special souls think only of others and selflessly give of their time and energy.

With so much darkness in the world, volunteers who contribute to assisted living communities are a light and a symbol of balance. Volunteering offers many rewards to those willing to give, from the challenge of stimulating those who might otherwise feel lonely to the chance to learn and grow from the wisdom of our elders.

At Regency, we celebrate those who volunteer to our senior residents in a variety of ways. We thank them for their time, their energy, their efforts to make life just a little better for others.

Volunteer Spotlight: Virginia Taylor

Virginia Taylor epitomizes volunteerism at morristown tn assisted livingOne of our very special volunteers that just has a truly magnificent servant’s heart is Ms. Virginia Taylor.

Ms. Virginia first came to our building about 14 or 15 years ago to take a Yoga class. When the teacher decided she needed to stop teaching, Ms. Virginia stepped up. She has been the leader of the Yoga class for 12 years now. The class meets every Monday and Thursday.

According to Activities Director Valerie Farmer, the yoga class has grown under the leadership of Ms. Virginia from around four or five people to 20+ participants. Ms. Virginia will come to Regency on Monday and Thursday and lead the Yoga class, then she will visit with several residents before leaving.

Regency is not the only place where Virginia volunteers. She also volunteers at her church and the Morristown Senior Center. She says, “I just love to help people. It makes me happy.”

Ms. Virginia makes us happy. She is always smiling and has a kind word to say. She brightens our days and spreads joy wherever she goes. Thank you so much, Virginia, for sharing your heart and passion with us all.

Calling All Volunteers: Step Up and Make a Difference

We encourage others to follow her example and contribute to our enrichment efforts at Regency Retirement of Morristown.

From calling bingo to assisting in activities, we are always in need of volunteers to serve in various capacities. Please contact us at (423) 581-7075 to make a difference in the lives of our residents.

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