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Morristown Memory Care Residents Get New Tool for Fun, Therapy

Regency Retirement Village of Morristown is pairing an exciting new technology, for use with training in Alzheimer’s care from experts in the field, to enhance the quality of life for our residents, strengthen bonds with families, and give our staff more tools to help Tennessee seniors experience the best in retirement living.
The “iN2L” system combines touchscreen computers with intuitive, picture-based software and an extensive, continually updated content library. With more than 3,000 apps, “It’s Never 2 Late” has something for everyone.

What it Does

Strengthen Connections with Friends and Loved Ones

“It’s Never 2 Late” is equipped with Skype, E-mail, a webcam and more. Our residents can preserve personal video memories, organize family photos, and tell their story on apps designed to keep them connected to their past, which is especially important for our Memory Care residents.

Stay Informed and Learn New Things

Morristown residents have access to countless newspapers from around the globe to stay connected with the world, national and local news. The system allows residents to test world and US trivia, plus access countless historical and Veteran-inspired apps.

Stimulate Interests and Entertain

Seniors are at risk of boredom with free time on their hands. While we offer lots of scheduled activities to keep life interesting, iN2L offers another resource to residents, individually or as a group, through a vast library of classic movies & television shows, jukebox music, and audiobooks.

Encourage Fitness and Make Therapy Easier

morristown memory care technologyFitness programs, brain games, and lifelong learning opportunities support physical & mental health. Plus, devotions & religious services embrace spiritual needs.

Why It Isn’t Just Another Computer Connected to the Internet

Ease of Use

Seniors and technology aren’t always easy companions. In fact, some avoid modern gadgets as much as possible because they can intimidate and confuse older users. The iN2L was created with seniors in mind and allows them to experience the best of the online world with minimal frustration. It is portable and can go anywhere a wheelchair can travel, designed to accommodate virtually any person with an interest in using a computer — regardless of background, physical, or intellectual abilities.

Tech Sparks Increased Cognitive Activity

Jeff Clay, Regency’s COO, said Regency has made this system a company-wide commitment for our Memory Care residents. It was tested in our Huntsville and Tuscaloosa communities for months to make sure it was the best tool for accomplishing what Regency Retirement Village of Morristown residents want and need. Integrated training from Alzheimer’s expert Teepa Snow will give our caregivers insight on how to further engage our residents to participate in planned activities or redirect a resident who is having some challenging behaviors.

Therapeutic applications may be effective because they come disguised as entertaining games. For example, improving hand/eye coordination may be the therapeutic goal, but it’s also fun to touch the screen to “pop” bubbles pixelated before a user’s eyes. A former pilot can use a flight simulator to figuratively take to the air again. Regency staff has become accustomed to smiles of joy as residents discover they can learn new things and restore lost connections.

“The iN2L will be an integral part of all of our Pathways INTENTIONAL Memory Care Neighborhoods,” Clay said.

To learn more about moving to Regency Retirement Village of Morristown and being able to use the iN2L system, as well as enjoy our other services and amenities, contact us at (423) 581-7075 or leave a message on this website’s contact page.

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