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As we age, the human body naturally becomes more susceptible to a wide range of chronic health conditions. This is due to a combination of normal changes as well as accumulated risk factors over time. Due to an increase in life expectancy, the leading causes of death are now:
-Heart disease
-Chronic lower respiratory disease

Thanks to advances in modern medicine, we are now better equipped to manage these conditions through a combination of lifestyle choices and medication.

The Importance of Medication Management

While the benefits associated with advances in modern medicine are impressive, there are also potential hazards that aging adults and their families should be aware of. For example, seniors who take a variety of prescribed medications combined with over-the-counter (OTC) drugs could potentially face toxic and adverse drug interactions.
Assisted Living communities like Regency Retirement Village of Morristown help residents maintain their medications on a daily basis, while also ensuring they stay physically active in order to manage chronic health conditions.

Morristown Assisted Living Community Senior Medication
The Risks of Poor Medication Management

Medication management is not an easy task, regardless of your age. However, there is an increased risk of adverse drug reactions and events for aging adults who are unable to take prescribed medications at the correct time, and to completion. This can lead to aggravation of chronic conditions, and even visits to the emergency room. These types of incidents are often the deciding factor, triggering a senior’s initial move into an Assisted Living community.

This move gives peace of mind to family members, while also allowing their loved one to enjoy the independence of living in their own apartment. Services such as transportation to doctor appointments and medication reminders provide a “safety net” for families and seniors transitioning to retirement living.

The Balance of Safety & Quality of Life in Assisted Living

One great aspect of Assisted Living is the ability to provide seniors with a home-like environment that is balanced with the need for safety and security, leading to an increased quality of life. Regency care providers work diligently to ensure medications are given at the right time and the correct dosage. Depending on the needs of the resident, treatment may include:
-Contacting physicians to obtain/verify prescriptions
-Coordinating complicated prescriptions and regimens from multiple healthcare providers
-Maintaining accurate and confidential health records

Regency Retirement Village of Morristown understands the importance of having a qualified and trained staff, which is why we continually provide necessary resources to assist staff so they can give quality, excellent care for every resident.

Regency Encourages Healthy Lifestyles for Residents

Helping residents maintain a healthy and happy quality of life does not end with medication management at Regency Retirement Village of Morristown. We also focus on providing:
-Delicious meals, catered to managing chronic health conditions
-Scheduled activities for physical and social interaction

Assisted Living communities like Regency’s encourage residents to get involved in these activities, as science suggests these opportunities may be the key to a longer and healthier life.
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Written by: Kristen Camden