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22203270_lWith flowers blooming and trees beginning to bud, there is no denying that spring has arrived in Morristown. With the temperatures rising and the sun shining, it is the perfect time to head outdoors and admire the beauty around us.

There are a variety of ways for Morristown senior to enjoy the season despite physical limitations. Before embarking on any outdoor activities it is important to consult with your doctor and be aware of any activities you should avoid.

Whether you are planting a few flowers in a container or tilling the soil for tomatoes and other produce, gardening can be a relaxing and satisfying spring activity.

Farmers Markets
There is nothing quite as delicious as enjoying home grown fruits and vegetables. Venture over to the Morristown Farmers Market between 8am and 6pm Monday through Saturday from mid spring until early autumn for locally grown fruits, vegetables and plants.

Fishing is the perfect activity for any age. From young children to those young at heart, almost anyone can bait a hook and cast a line in the water. There are countless fishing spots located along the banks of the Cherokee Reservoir. With a dense population of bass and crappie, you are bound to catch a big one.

Bird Watch
Sitting in the shade and watching the birds is a favorite activity among many seniors. No matter your level of expertise, it is enjoyable to watch the birds fly and frolic. Place a bird house and seed nearby for optimum viewing.

Not only does walking allow you to see the beautiful surroundings, but it is filled with health benefits. Walking daily can help to lower blood pressure, burn fat, improve balance and build muscle. Our Regency Park is the perfect place to enjoy a stroll and soak up a little sunshine.

With the change in seasons, it is time for a little spring cleaning. Sort through the cabinets and closets and throw away or donate unused items. Decluttering your space is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it can increase the safety of your space.

Take a Trip
As the weather warms we will start to take more day trips. The Board the bus for a Sunshine Ride with our favorite driver, JR, and see the beautiful East Tennessee sights and enjoy some of the area’s best attractions. Later this month we will travel to Knoxville to see the beautiful homes and landscaping along the Dogwood Trail.

Enjoy Music
With a variety of wonderful music coming to Regency, you don’t have to travel far to hear some great tunes. The McGuire Brothers, Friendly View Trio, Tommy White and the Holts Trio will all be stopping in this month to share their beautiful music. The Tennessee Theatre and several other Knoxville venues also offer a wide variety of entertainment.

When embarking on a spring adventure, it is important that seniors take the proper precautions to ensure their safety. With an average spring and summer temperature of 81 degrees, it is important to stay cool and avoid over exerting yourself.

“Whether you are taking a trip, taking a walk in the Regency Park, or sitting out on the front porch or patio- go out and enjoy this beautiful time of year”, says Executive Director, Trudy Darnell.