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1541208If you enjoyed last month’s look at historic Morristown, you might have started remember some of the good times you had when you were younger. Now is a great time to record your memories and all the stories you have to tell.

There are so many ways to reminisce, from scrapbooks to taping your stories as audio or video to writing personal essays or memoir. If you’ve held on to old letters, cards, report cards, concert tickets, and other paper memorabilia you might consider having them scanned and digitized. Friends and family might like to have their own copies of some of these keepstakes, like your wedding program, for example, or newspaper clippings with birth and marriage announcements.

You can also create a scrapbook to hold these items along with photos so that you have everything in one place and well-preserved on acid free paper where it won’t get lost or damaged. Perhaps you can write out some of your memories associated with each photo or item and include them in the scrapbook as well, so that there is context for anyone else who reads it. This could be especially meaningful if you have photos of your parents or grandparents and stories about them that the younger generations in your family might not know.

You could even go through old photos and pick some in iconic spots around town and recruit a friend, neighbor, or relative to help you recreate the shots. What a fun way to pair then and now side by side and share what made those places memorable and special! Or have a friend, grandchild, niece, or nephew document your trip around town with video recording of the tour you give.

This would be an especial treasure for your friends and family familiar with your hometown, or for those who live far away and would like to know more about where you live and your daily life. Creating a record of your life and the story of your family like this is not only a way for you to organize your keepsakes, but creates a keepsake that your loved ones will cherish for years to come.