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7299814Need a fun new way to spend your time? The best part about retirement is finally having a chance to try all the activities you considered but never had time for.

Try one of these five fun hobbies below and you’ll even find new ways to spend time with friends, family and fellow Regency residents!

  • Take up crafts. These days that can mean so much more than knitting and crocheting, although fiber arts are more in vogue than ever. Jewlery-making, paper arts like origami, illustration, painting, scrap-booking, decoupage, and more. You can find great ideas on sites like Pinterest.com, and craftser.com
  • Gardening is a great way to stay active and enjoy the great outdoors without doing anything too strenuous. From a planter garden on the patio to community beds for vegetables or flowers, there are a lot of ways to exercise your green thumb. There’s also a lot of ways to get seeds and young plants, from mail-order to your home supply store to smaller nurseries that stock heirloom varieties.
  • Tell your story. There are more ways than ever now to record your memories and there’s a huge audience hungry for tales of yesteryear. This can be a great way to bond with your children, grandchildren, or mentees, too. Get some friends or family together to record a podcast, which is a popular kind of serial online radio show that anyone with a microphone and computer can record and share on the web or download to mp3 players, iPods, or laptops.
  • Learn a new game. Whether it’s something a crowd can play like canasta or rummy, something you can arrange tournament style like cribbage and backgammon, or paired games like checkers and chess, it’s always fun to learn a new strategy and set of rules. Plus, games like these are a great way to exercise your mind and keep it in peak shape.
  • Take a class. Whether it’s a dance class, fiddling workshop, or a literature seminar, there are plenty of organizations from higher education institutions to nonprofits, small businesses and community centers that offering engaging educational opportunities. They might get you moving, work your brain, and will definitely have you meeting new people, making new friends, and discussing everything you’ve discovered.