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6646563As awkward conversations go, “the talk” about moving an aging parent into assisted living is right up there near the top. But with some delicate handling and some research into options, it does not have to be an unpleasant discussion.

We all hope to live independently in our own space for as long as humanly possible, but at some stage, it is inevitable that we require a helping hand to perform tasks that were easy in our younger days. Sometimes it is physical limitations that impact us, other times there may be spells of forgetfulness that can cause family to worry about the onset of dementia.

How it is brought up can impact the way the senior or his/her family reacts. Experts recommend getting the senior’s doctor to perform a complete physical examination. At this time, family can express their thoughts to get a professional opinion.

Authorities on the topic suggest grown children should tell the aging parent they are concerned about the future more than the present because they do not want to sound accusatory. Also, it is not unreasonable for family to worry about what’s ahead when we are of advanced age.

Also helpful to children (or parents who want to tell them their wishes) is doing some research into possibilities. A person may have misgivings about communities based on past experiences visiting a senior loved one at a nursing home, but touring retirement communities like Regency Retirement Village of Morristown typically changes their perceptions.

They see that Regency is a place where they can get help while maintaining their privacy. It is a community where seniors can enjoy exceptional living with plenty of opportunities to be active and social. With studio or one-bedroom apartments available month-to-month and equipped with utilities and cable-ready TV hookup, Regency is very homelike. Caring staff who respect a resident’s dignity complete the picture.

Our residents enjoy housekeeping services and assistance with the activities of daily living, as well as social and recreational programs. Actually, the experience is more akin to getting one’s first apartment in college than being sent off to a place they will be miserable and alone. Family have the peace of mind knowing residents will be regularly monitored for general health and wellbeing.

A tour of Regency Retirement Village of Morristown can easily be arranged by filling in your information on the form at the right of this article or by calling (423) 581-7075. We look forward to meeting your family!

Handled properly, this transition can minimize the stress of moving and lead to brighter days spent enjoying fellowship with new friends the senior’s own age.