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3687343654_5829d6236e_mYou can’t quite call Jerry Lewis, Bob Hope or Don Rickles physicians, but the chuckles they’ve inspired during a lifetime of enjoying their comedy bits HAVE helped your health.

That’s because laughter is strong medicine for the mind and body, helping to relieve stress, improve mood, boost immunity, prevent heart disease, decrease pain, and boost the immune system of Morristown seniors.

A good laugh restores us to balance by distracting us from our worries and easing anxiety and fear, making us more resilient while also boosting our energy level. Feelings of anger, guilt, stress and negative emotions have a way of temporarily melting when replaced by joy. Laughter provides an emotional release that leaves us feeling cleansed.

Laughing even burns calories and has been shown to lower blood sugar levels.

Muscles relax when we react to humor and stay loose for up to 45 minutes after. This positively affects people who are in chronic pain.

So how do we bring on the laughs? A few suggestions are to watch comedies on TV or at the movies, having friends over for a party or game night, and generally trying to be more lighthearted and silly by approaching situations that may be frustrating or depressing with an attitude that you’ll “look back and laugh”.

Even if we don’t feel great, we can nudge ourselves into laughter by making a conscious effort to smile more often.

The staff at Regency Retirement Village of Morristown cares about our residents and wants them to enjoy a fun lifestyle that comes from social activities and the peace of mind that they are cared for.