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807Taking full advantage of the resources at your senior community can help you eat healthier, be more fit, and manage stress—all of which have been shown can impact your risk for disease, injuries, and mental decline. When you retire or the kids move out you might not immediately know how to fill your time. Beyond the supposed medical effects, beating stereotypes about seniors is fun and gives you new ways to fill your time meaningfully.

One of the myths about aging is that brain power declines. In fact, studies show that spatial and abstract reasoning, along with verbal and math abilities, can get stronger with age. After all, you’ve been practicing these skills all your life.

If you don’t use them you lose them, so put them to the test, whether it’s by gardening at your retirement community, helping with a puzzle, or joining an aerobics class. Your senior community offers unparalleled opportunities to stay young—that’s one of the best things about being a resident.

Outside of your retirement community, do the kinds of things you’ve always enjoyed. There’s no rule that just because you hit a certain age you have to act a certain way. Morristown has so many fun events, like the Jam in the Vineyard music series that features wine and live music, or the Arts in the Park event that the Morristown Art Association puts on with the Parks and Recreation department. The Mountain Makins Festival has been going on for over 30 years and has everything from Appalachian crafts to fine art to music, dance, and storytelling.

It’s easy to stay young when you have Morristown and Regency Retirement on your side! Simply by acting the age you feel, rather than the number on your driver’s license, you can combat stereotypes about aging. Don’t believe the hype, and go have fun.