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Thank you to all the families who remembered the staff here at Regency, and provided food and doughnuts over the Christmas holiday. It really meant a lot.

Due to COVID-19, we have had to make many changes to our activity schedule, and it has been trying to keep up with local restrictions while keeping our residents engaged. For now, we are back to resident activities from the safety of our doorways.

In January, we put away the Christmas decor, enjoyed some overhead country music hits, had a “Popcorn and a Coke” day, and enjoyed some history with David Rutherford. For January Flower Day, the staff made tissue flowers and shared fun facts about carnations with residents while we served snacks. We also mixed things up by playing 50’s music down the hallways, enjoyed a “Doughnut Break” with three kinds of doughnuts, and had a “Jello-Fun Day” where the residents were served jello for an afternoon snack.

Regency staff decorated the sitting areas with home decor from Hobby Lobby and other places, and a few residents helped us with the decor placements. We hosted a “Raisin Day” where we passed out fun facts about raisins and handed out individually boxed samples. We played a “Spin that Wheel” game where residents won prizes in the halls. We had doorway exercise class on the overhead, and we enjoyed an indoor planting of seeds contest! Everyone who has a healthy plant at the end of the contest will get a reward. We also had a Bagel Day, and served hot and fresh bagels from door to door with toppings!

In addition to all these fun activities, we have been Walmart shopping for the residents after being shut down for four weeks. We had a birthday party recognizing all residents with a January birthday and celebrated National Pie Day by serving pie from door to door. Lastly, we had residents plan a dream vacation and write it down. We collected them and read them on the overhead.

Thank you for letting us take care of your loved ones.